The Best Event ever!

Assalamualaikum and hye peeps! 


Some of you may wonder why I start my post with numbers
 what's wrong with the numbers? 
emmm those numbers represent 8th of August 2011 :)
My official date as Kirby International College 's STUDENT! 
yes, i'm a college student and will remain as a college student for 5 years!
Why Kirkby use College instead of University haaa...*wonder*
I want to be a University student...hwaaa*crying out loudly*
hehe maybe one fine day when I proceed my study in master or phd. Insyaallah !
 *pray for me yaa*
And 080811 is also a starting point for my new life, my new journey as an English teacher-to-be!

8 months had passed..
Lots of memories have been drawn throughout the journey! hehe
*like it is already 8years*
many events had take place in the college,
such as :



Chinese New Year

Maulidur Rasul

and many more :)

but... the most eventful event that will remain in my heart was

why? *tell me why?? hehe

because, this is the first and foremost event that had been held in KIC
woo what a history right? huhu
Merdeka-Raya event was named due to 2 events that take part in the same day.
FYI last year, Muslims celebrated Aidilfitri Eid on the same day as Independence day..
that's why we combined it to be Merdeka-Raya :) fair and square lol 
*save cost too....hehe

During that eventful day, all students dress in their best cloth :)
 they are gorgeous, handsome, sweet and attractive!
don't believe me? huh
these are the proofs!

malay attire:)

yaaaa Indian too:)

uhhh mix ahh...we are MALAYSIAN:)

randomly choosen :)

awww gergous haaa :)

real 1 Malaysia spirit! ooo yeah keep it up peeps :)


aww tooo sweet lol:)


believe me now? hehe
but the most amazing dress of course my class lol: Emily Dickinson
*hehe the last picture above!

Throughout the Merdeka-Raya event, lots of activities had take place.
some of them were :

launching ceremony 
*he is our President of Students Representative Council 

dancing performance by lovely Coreen :)

poem reciting by Adilah :)

solo performance by Opie :)

modern chinese dance from chinese students:)

traditional Malay dance from malay students:)

and not forgotten, Indial cultural dance:)

waahhhh i'm proud to be part of Kirby ^.^
we are 1 Malaysia..:)

last but not least....some class performance 

this is A2 FROSt :)

this is A4 SHELLY :)

huhu this is my beloved class 
♥ A3 Emily Dickinson 
we performed one of Merdeka song

we also performed raya song :)

ooopppps that is Amal (my beloved classmate and housemate too)
and of course me the pink lady :)

All in all, we had so much fun on that day..
enormous of activities took place and all of them were awesome! yehhh:)
i really really hope this year, 2012, more happening event will take place 
and more memories will i wrote in my mind diary:)  

pieces of my thought :>

photos are the best story teller because photos never lie

till then, love u peeps :)

My Favourite Food :)

My favourite post ever! 


what is my favourite food?
but, one that i really really love is


some say, laksa is originated from the Chinese (peranakan) who migrated to Malaya 
*Malaysia was known as Malaya before Independence. 

"laksa" is something that is similar to spaghetti but it is in white colour and is a common food among Malaysian.

each district has a special sauce (kuah) to eat with the laksa.
 but the one that i prefer the most is of course laksa from Penang Island named "Laksa Penang" 
the taste of laksa penang is very unique.. 
it is sweet and sour
but sometimes it is quite spicy *depends to the chef who cook it*
as for me, i prefer spicy laksa penang! 

emmm mouth watering ! 

laksa penang must be eat with 'laksa' *of course and the sauce (kuah)
together with boiled egg, pineapple, salad, onion, cucumber, chilies and some flavor enhancer. *and again depends to each district :)

if you r interested with the dish, why don't you try to cook it by yourself? 
i found it from one of the food blogger.
the recipe is very simpe and easy.
good luck! 

Ingredients A Fish Stock
10 pcs Sardine / Kembong (cleaned)
500 ml water

Ingredients B
100 gm shallots
200 gm reb onion
50 gm lengkuas (galangal)
1 nos bungah kantan (ginger flower)
1 stalk seria (lemon grass)

Ingredients C
2 tbsp cili boh (chili paste)
50 gm belacan (dried shrimp cake)
5 pieces assam keping (peeled tamarind)
150 gm assam jawa juice (tamarind juice)
2 stalk daun kesum/daun laksa (polygonum leaves)
500 ml water
to taste sugar / rock sugar
to taste salt / fish gravy

Condiments:- (optional)
1) cucumber (thinly cut)
2) small pineapple (cut into short strips)
3) red onion (sliced thinly)
4) local lettuce (thinly cut)
5) mint leaves (use only the leaves)

1) bungan kantan (finely chopped)
2) red chili(cut into small slices)
3) Heh Ko (Prawn Paste)

Bring ingredients A to boil in a stock pot until the fish is cooked.
Strain the fish stock.
Remove bones from the fish. Keep flesh aside.
Finely blend Ingredients B.
Boil Ingredients B, Ingredients C & Fish Stock.
When boiling, reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes or until smell aromatic.
Seasoning to taste.
Soak laksa noodle by hot water and strain it.
Place a portion into a bowl, add in condiments and fish, then pour in assam laksa soup.
Garnish with chopped bungah kantan and red chili (may use chili padi if you like hot),
and serve with a spoonful of shrimp paste.

It is delicious if serve in hot soup.
You may choose your own like condiments.
If you like extra spicy soup, you may add more chili paste when simmering.
You may use can sardine, but taste different. Prefer using fresh fish

credit to :

Done with my fav food. here it comes, my fav fruits!
only sweet and sour green apples...hew hew^.^

arghhh very tempting!

green apples are very healthy!
yes believe me peeps.. 
they give satisfaction sense in my stomach and i don't tend to overeat.
especially for my dinner..
in the evening, i tend to eat apple if i feel hungry.
yaah you know the time range between lunch and dinner right?
perghh soooo long!
thus, by eating apple, i can skip my meal or just take a small portion of dinner :)
a great strategy to keep slim right? :P huhu 
besides, the refreshing taste of green apples can give relief from constipation, diarrhea, and can reduce cholesterol. so friends, what are you waiting for?

:an apple a day keeps the doctor away:

till then, love u peeps <3

freshie is here..

Assalamualaikum and hye friends :)

this new born blog is created on 19 April 2012.
due to the requirement of my ICT syllabus
this is a compulsory blog..*yaaa for my ICT assignment.. please be my follower.. i owe you peeps:) 

thus, here i am :)

Masturah Aimuni binti Mohd Zin 
Kirkby International College's students
preparing myself to be an English teacher
insyaallah <3