what time is it? its HOLIDAY time!

wah wah tajok entry x blh blah....hadoyaiii
org len da cuti sebulan,
aku baru nk cuti ari ny
* eh officially nya esok la 
1st of JUNE 2012!
cuti laq 2 minggu jew,
org len 2 bulan kot! 
hadoyaii kuasa 2! 

but me, erghhhh dun care at all lah...
asal cuti, even 2 hari pun da memadai 
* haha cakap jo lobeh eh
because i believe in this :

emmm actually blog ny hanya utk 
esemen ICT aku....
yang finally da menutup tirainya 
cz da habis Sem 2

p seriously aku xtaw nape aku rajin giler nk menaip ini malam
mungkin sbb aku lonely 
*rummet n housemate da balik hometown masing2!
aku jo belum....sob...sob...
xpe2, esok nk pegi

haa tq pak cik google! 
kedah n penang
wait 4 me naaa!
dono y ase cam btol2 nk holiday kali ny
mungkin sbb tension selama 4 hari
*final exam Sem 2 yang agak tough!

aku jugak x sabar nak pegang, nak pelok, nak cium
budak tecik ny :

mesti daaaaaaa beeeeessssssssssaaaaarrrrr!
last aku tengok, last 3 weeks kot...
alaaa nape ase cam da lama eq duk cyber ny?
padahal baru 3 minggu kot
haishhh sbb xde moto nk pusing2 la ny
baba nak moto satu! plizzz baba plizzzzzzz
* i wish he could read this*
nak mintak malu :D

btw kedah n Penang please welcome me tomo yaa...
excited nk mkn pasembo' kat penang
*dono how to spell the rojak
last visit xdapat makan cz i prefer bukit bendera more! 
menyesal tak sudah...

k lah, tak nak mengarang panjang2....
da letih mengarang EMPAT esei koko 
yang super duper mengarut
* xpenah ase bodoh cm tadi
haha hiperbola di situ ye :D

but xpe2, kalo ada rezeki dapat la outstanding 
utk subjek lain :)
aku doa sangat2 result aku untuk 
Sem 2 ny much much better 
than last sem 
kalo boleh nak 10 outstanding! 
hahaha i wish   
subjek ada 8 je..
x salah memasang angan-angan kan..

betol2 last da

~my dream house~


House is a building 
that functions as the primary shelter.
house is the heaven for all human beings
how nice your house
how bad your house,
it is your house.
you are comfortable 
to be in your own castle 
whatever the condition is.
*oops it's me la

but everyone must has 
one dream house that he want to own.
yaa after spent hours working in the office,
one must has a good place to rest right?

same goes to me
i have my own dream castle
oppss sory,
dream HOUSE laa..:)

emm after thinking

Finally i found my 
hew hew

the house must be this
big >.<

front view

side view

another side view
have to look like the entrance
of fairytale country.
and guess what, 
i will use it as my car 
garage where i can park my car inside it
but i will make some improvement
*make the door automatic to open and close

Step into my house
the first place i want to step in is
my bedroom! 
the most important place in my 'castle'
hehe ^.^
in my master bedroom, 
i prefer all of it to be in 
golden and white colour
* to get the castle effect*
and in my bedroom, 
there must be divided into
 two compartment 
one for the bed
and the other one is 
the closet and leisure spot 
*where i can rest
and it must have sofa set and television

the closets in my room must look like this
and other cloths :)

move on to the other room of
my dream castle :)
the living room
classical side

modern side

why it must have two ?
because i love variety
so i won't get bored easily
while this living room 
is special for my
spacious space needed because 
i have BIG family :) 
either this

after the living room,
let's move on to the dining room
in my dream house, 
the dining room must be
simple yet stylo like this :>

before spending my time 
at the dining room,
i must be in the kitchen first.
as i want to be a great wife 
and a great mother 
i have to be an expert chef.
thus my kitchen must be fully equipped
with all the equipments needed.
moreover, my kitchen must also be spacious 
because i can feel more comfortable
to cook :)
when i ask my children to cook with me,
they won't bumped with each other 
hew hew
and the kitchen have to look like 
the counter curve around the 
windows...wow smart lah!

ooopps before i forgot >.<
my children bedroom
this is my future daughter's room
I prefer it to be classic yet elegant 
because i want something different.
yaa we know girls and pink cannot 
be separated right?
thus I take the challenge 
to change the tradition 
by using this deco
hehe*sounds like serious ha
this deco also can give comfort 
and princess aura to my future daughter
*hope you like it dear...hee

oh now my son's turn
his bedroom will look like this
simple and smart for boys definitely

arghh my dream house
there still lots of compartment
that i wish to be in my house
but the all that i highlighted here are
the most important part that should be
in my dream house :)

And lastly
In my dream house
there must and must have lots of 
elegant and classical effect
suits with the castle theme
Eventhough I think it's 
quite impossible to 
have this kind of house in the future
but i seek to have the best house 
*If God Will

Dreams house suits the name
don't exactly appear to be true
but it is so good if it is true because 
with beautiful dreams
we will have beautiful life
I really really hope that my dream house
will be my real house soon :)

till then
gud bye peeps

F.R.I.E.N.D.S :)

Though miles may lie between us,
we are never far apart,
for friendship doesn't count miles, 
it's measured by the heart.

yes, that is like me and my friends. 
we are far apart from each other 
for almost 2 years.
Wow already two years
* i cannot believe it, 
it's feel like 2 months only.
because i always have them in my mind
in my heart and
most important they are in my life.

they are my best best *infinity
best friends ever :)
from the left is Nurin, me:D, Syiba 
Iwa and Afiqah :)

some may asked why i have many bestfriends
yaa i cannot decide
and never can decide
who is my bestfriends 
because i love all of them
fair and square :)

what my friends mean to me?
emm -.-''
they are flowers in the garden of my life
they are stars in my universe
and they are rainbow 
that fill my life with beautiful colours.

Firstly, why they are my flowers?
because they always 
make my life beautiful.
they fill it with their laughter, 
their jokes and their stories..

here are some pictures 
of my beloved bestfriends
* pictures are the best story teller, 
so let's have a look :)
my friends are good listener
they will always lend 
their ears to hear my story

 my friends also 
good story teller
i am interested to hear all their stories 
and then i will laugh out 
loudly when they made some jokes
*hehe as usual, it is me :)

my friends again always 
be there with me 
in my happy and sad moment
* it's me, cutting the cake :)

and my friends also willing 
to do all crazy things together
hehe here is the video 
of me and them singing :)
haha it is funny right....
eventhough it just 
as simple as singing a song, 
but the value behind it is very valuable.
if they are not your true friends,
are they willing to sing with you? 
huhu not right
we climbing the tower

we playing the kite
*we share our money to buy the kite

high jump high
ohhh yeaaahhhh!

it seems like we like to climb 

and yaaaa only with my friends 
i can do all crazy things like that

My friends are stars in my universe
they make me shining all the times
emmm yaa they give 
all their
hope to me
their golden words,
their priceless advices
 their uncountable support
to me
* especially in study:)
we are in the same class 
since form 1 to form 5
*so long right? >.<''
we are in science stream
so it's quite hard for me to study
thus they are the one who 
always help me in studying
we used to study together 
* really miss the moment

my beloved deskmate for two years 
a.k.a my bestfriend :)

my friends and I in bio lab
eagerly waiting to operate a mice and a frog

get ready to be surgeon..hew hew

my friends are like rainbows 
they had fill my life with beautiful memories
some of the memories are :>
raya festive at school 

sports day

 prefect dinner

hangout :)

hangout too...:)

spend time together
playing like little child

visiting our friend's house

our very first reunion in 2011
*reunion in 2012
coming soon :D

 gathering at my friend's house

last but not least
me and ex-school mates

lastly my infinite love bestfriends

all in all
they had made my life awesome!
they are
Nadia Aisya Nasir (NAD)
Syibratun Ismail (SYIBA)
Nurin Syakira Azhar (RYNN)
Nur Afiqah Abdul Rahman ( IKA)
Nur Iwanina Kamal (IWA)
Ameerah Malkan ( AMEE)
Wan Zakirah Wan Nain ( JA)
Nur Edriena Ibrahim(ED)

*oh i still remember all their full names:)
hehe that is what friend is

we may differ from each others
with different interest
different attitude
different personality but 
just remember
we <3 ourself 

Dear peeps,
some memories were captured in the photos above
but most are captured in my heart
I hope they will remain as my bestfriends
till Jannah :)

you are:)

Love u friends!