The Best Event ever!

Assalamualaikum and hye peeps! 


Some of you may wonder why I start my post with numbers
 what's wrong with the numbers? 
emmm those numbers represent 8th of August 2011 :)
My official date as Kirby International College 's STUDENT! 
yes, i'm a college student and will remain as a college student for 5 years!
Why Kirkby use College instead of University haaa...*wonder*
I want to be a University student...hwaaa*crying out loudly*
hehe maybe one fine day when I proceed my study in master or phd. Insyaallah !
 *pray for me yaa*
And 080811 is also a starting point for my new life, my new journey as an English teacher-to-be!

8 months had passed..
Lots of memories have been drawn throughout the journey! hehe
*like it is already 8years*
many events had take place in the college,
such as :



Chinese New Year

Maulidur Rasul

and many more :)

but... the most eventful event that will remain in my heart was

why? *tell me why?? hehe

because, this is the first and foremost event that had been held in KIC
woo what a history right? huhu
Merdeka-Raya event was named due to 2 events that take part in the same day.
FYI last year, Muslims celebrated Aidilfitri Eid on the same day as Independence day..
that's why we combined it to be Merdeka-Raya :) fair and square lol 
*save cost too....hehe

During that eventful day, all students dress in their best cloth :)
 they are gorgeous, handsome, sweet and attractive!
don't believe me? huh
these are the proofs!

malay attire:)

yaaaa Indian too:)

uhhh mix ahh...we are MALAYSIAN:)

randomly choosen :)

awww gergous haaa :)

real 1 Malaysia spirit! ooo yeah keep it up peeps :)


aww tooo sweet lol:)


believe me now? hehe
but the most amazing dress of course my class lol: Emily Dickinson
*hehe the last picture above!

Throughout the Merdeka-Raya event, lots of activities had take place.
some of them were :

launching ceremony 
*he is our President of Students Representative Council 

dancing performance by lovely Coreen :)

poem reciting by Adilah :)

solo performance by Opie :)

modern chinese dance from chinese students:)

traditional Malay dance from malay students:)

and not forgotten, Indial cultural dance:)

waahhhh i'm proud to be part of Kirby ^.^
we are 1 Malaysia..:)

last but not least....some class performance 

this is A2 FROSt :)

this is A4 SHELLY :)

huhu this is my beloved class 
♥ A3 Emily Dickinson 
we performed one of Merdeka song

we also performed raya song :)

ooopppps that is Amal (my beloved classmate and housemate too)
and of course me the pink lady :)

All in all, we had so much fun on that day..
enormous of activities took place and all of them were awesome! yehhh:)
i really really hope this year, 2012, more happening event will take place 
and more memories will i wrote in my mind diary:)  

pieces of my thought :>

photos are the best story teller because photos never lie

till then, love u peeps :)

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